Established in 1979, VEMCO is the world leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic telemetry equipment used by researchers worldwide to study behaviour and migration patterns of a wide variety of aquatic animals from salmon smolts to great whites.

VEMCO enables researchers to conduct world class studies in lakes, rivers and oceans that require real-time active tracking; long-time, large scale passive monitoring; fine scale positioning with detailed accuracy; and/or environmental monitoring.

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As experts employing sound in water for fisheries research, HTI is a global leader in acoustic telemetry and hydroacoustic echo sounders. With proven scientific methods to estimate survival, passage efficiencies and track behavior of aquatic life, HTI advances technologies (e.g., Predation Detection Acoustic Tag). HTI tags track hundreds of fish simultaneously in high-resolution 2D/3D, providing data remotely and in real-time. HTI’s sounders are used for monitoring distribution, density, enumeration and entrainment.
With a unique ability to design, engineer, manufacture, train and consult for evaluations, HTI conducts studies, provides support and training to address objectives.

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At realtime aquaculture, we make aquaculture better by enabling aquatic measurement driven by technology that is simple to use, reliable, accessible and precise. 

Our rugged wireless sensors and centralized hub enables real time continuous monitoring of open water fish farm conditions including water temperatures and oxygen levels. 

We put this critical data in the hands of Fish Farmers and Farm Operators via an intuitive and simple to use dashboard on their smart phone or via a web browser.

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The Ascent Acoustic Release is a new development in equipment recovery systems that is changing the standard for reliability in shallow-water instrument recovery.
The Ascent system provides users confidence for a successful retrieval of their marine or freshwater monitoring equipment by enabling real-time feedback on the health and status of each acoustic release.
Leveraging 35 years of expertise in acoustic communications from VEMCO, the Ascent system incorporates a sophisticated transmission protocol and a sleek energy efficient design that decreases the cost, risk, and time required to deploy and recover valuable instrumentation.